Order a unique piece with us!

If you have seen a stunning piece of jewellery that is not available to purchase on our website, don't stress!

We can custom order you anything your heart desires.

Please fill out the form below, to fast track this process please ensure you include as many details about your dream piece as possible;

    • Brand name - BVLA, Alchemy Adornment etc.
    • Size of jewellery - 16g 1/4", 14g 3/8" etc.
      • (This can be tricky! If you are unsure, please let us know)
    • Style of jewellery - Threaded end, Threadless/Push pin end, Seam ring etc.
    • Gem Information (if any) - Prong or bezel set? Genuine or synthetic?
    • What piercing is this piece of jewellery for? - Helix, Conch, Lobe etc.

    Once we receive your request, we will get back to you clarifying any information we need to get you a quote on the piece within 3-5 business days!